Communicate with Confidence

Enroll and in 5 months you will have improved your language skills and be able to communicate without language barriers in any situations you encounter. With our program that combines intensive language training, online follow-up sessions and a unique community membership, you will cross the threshold and use the language with confidence.


The results

You have practiced the language extensively, first during the intensive 2-day course, and then in the follow-up sessions and with your language buddy. You have laid a solid foundation, and feel that you now have a good command of the language.

The long-term personal guidance, in combination with our unique buddy system, ensure that you have achieved long-term results.

During the training, you have had so many success experiences that you can now use the language effortlessly, and connect with others without language barriers.

You have developed the skills and strategies to speak Dutch so that your conversation partners no longer have to switch to English for you.

Because you feel comfortable in the language, you can be completely yourself, make the jokes you would make in your native language, and participate fully in conversations.

You will be able to have a full conversation in Dutch, and express yourself the way you want to

What do I get?

  • 1.

    A personal strategy meeting to establish your learning plan for the training course.
  • 2.

    A 2-day training, consisting of more than 20 hours of language activities to boost your language skills Including: meals and accommodation in our beautiful location: Kontakt der Kontinenten
  • 3.

    Personal mentoring
  • 4.

    Membership in our Communicate with confidence Community
  • 5.

    10 follow-up coaching sessions


Sign up before June 14 and pay: € 1.250,-


From June 15:

€ 1.995,-


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